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Information Governance Toolkit & IG Assurance  Visits



Information Governance Toolkit and GDPR  consultancy



The Information Governance Toolkit is a tool to help organisations which process NHS patient information implement good Information Governance (IG)standards.

Completion of the IG Statement of Compliance is one of the terms and conditions for access to a number of services, including the N3 network. It is also a contractual requirement for most tenders that organisations achieve level 2 compliance.  The process requires that organisations undertake an annual IG assessment using the IG Toolkit and accept the IG Assurance Statement.


The consequences of not being IG compliant for organisations dealing with personal Identifiable Data or suffering a data breach from an IT system or physical records are quite serious. In addition to the reputational damage, the Information Commissioner’s office has the statutory power to impose financial penalties.


To support organisations with this assurance process, we can provide advice and support with IG Toolkit completion to include data uploads, use and adaption of our up to date policies and procedures, confidentiality  spot checks and staff training updates on good Information Governance practices.


The areas  we have just assessed for General Practice Version 14 (2016-2017) are listed below:


Requirements List.


Information Governance Management



Responsibility for Information Governance has been assigned to an appropriate member, or members, of staff



There is an information governance policy that addresses the overall requirements of information governance



All contracts (staff, contractor and third party) contain clauses that clearly identify information governance responsibilities



All staff members are provided with appropriate training on information governance requirements.



Confidentiality and Data Protection Assurance



All transfers of personal and sensitive information are conducted in a secure and confidential manner



Consent is appropriately sought before personal information is used in ways that do not directly contribute to the delivery of care services and objections to the disclosure of confidential personal information are appropriately respected



There is a publicly available and easy to understand information leaflet that informs patients/service users how their information is used, who may have access to that information, and their own rights to see and obtain copies of their records.


Information Security Assurance



Monitoring and enforcement processes are in place to ensure NHS national application Smartcard users comply with the terms and conditions of use



There is an information asset register that includes all key information, software, hardware and services



Unauthorised access to the premises, equipment, records and other assets is prevented



The use of mobile computing systems is controlled, monitored and audited to ensure their correct operation and to prevent unauthorised access



There are documented plans and procedures to support business continuity in the event of power failures, system failures, natural disasters and other disruptions



There are documented incident management and reporting procedures






























Information Governance toolkit consultancy 


Evaulation and feedback  from workshop attendees


Trainer was excellent 10/10 highly recommend this workshop.


Although we have had a good CQC inspection, this workshop gave me food for thought and how to be an outstanding organisation 


We were rarted as inadequate, wish done this workshop before excellent, we will use ECLM again. Trainer fantatsic 


Commissioned an audit of our service after attending this workshop, really useful, staff and residents now understand what we need to do to continue to improve.



The external benchmark was a really useful critical friend, non-threatening staff at all levels of the organisation found it really helpful


Demystified CQC as a new manager was great -  no longer scared


Commissioned course for 20 of our deputy managers across our organisation all rated the workshop 10/10 (some 15/10) in all elements. We now have an action plan facilitated by the trainer, who will come and ‘inspect us’ to see if we have achieved.  We have now commissioned ECLM Ltd to deliver further training for our deputies; we were so impressed by the professionalism and quality of the training.


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Safeguarding Vulnerable adult and Children  Training


Delivered by professional and qualified trainers 

Meets safeguarding requirements from intercollegiate guidance

wide range of courses  for all the defined levels and sectors.


Course Content

Latest guidance update

Child development and creating a safe environment

Signs and symptoms of child/adult maltreatment

Responding to concerns

Reporting startegies and sharing information

Case discussions and partnership working

Safeguarding investigations



Courses available bespoke to your organsations


Cost contact us for more details or for your nearest course


QCF safeguarding unit registration and accreditation also available for addditional fee

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Life coaching


Special offers



ECLM  LTD is offering safeguarding children and child protection training at reduced rates  when 20 or more staff booked for a course. Make sure your staff are up to date,  and comply with legislation. Contact us now to make best use of this offer!!



New courses for 2020 now available.

 Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliance strartegic workshops including the Care Act and Care Certificate   early bird discounts avaiable.


 Dedicated Registered Manager requirements course


Health and Safety training

Moving and Handling training (patient and /or loads)

Fire safety


First aid

Food hygiene

Risk assessment training

Route cause analysis training 

Protecting unborn babies safeguarding workshops.


Dementia awareness meets the latest guidance

 Clinical supervsion training for supervisors

 Safeguarding supervision training for staff  and managers

Mental health awareness

End of life care 


School govenors role in safeguarding and children looked after.


 Teachers role in safegaurding children and young people


Sports staff, coaches refferee safeguarding chidlren and young people awareness courses and  workshops


Sports staff, coaches refferee specific First aid course.


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